Artistic consciousness

I love meeting new people. It would take me too long to explain to you how the following person and I ended up crossing paths, but we did, and for that I am thankful. Mr. J. Medeiros is one cool guy. Although I would not call myself a “rap girl” (please, have you seen how WHITE I am?) I do have an appreciation for all different kinds of music, and even more than that, an appreciation for those seeking to express themselves artistically. Mr J does that in an incredible way.

I always appreciate it when I hear singers whose lyrics are not afraid to tackle the hard truths and realities in life – this is true of Mr. J. One song in particular will really strike you when you are at his concert or listening to his album. It is not new, it’s been around for a while – but I just heard it for the first time Thursday night.

“Constance” is a story about a girl in the Philippines victimized by Human Trafficking. The video of it below was created by Sam Sanchez of Stick Productions in 2006. It has spread like wildfire via YouTube and has inspired an international human rights movement called the “Constance Campaign.” Mr. J spearheaded the movement, and has partnered with non-profits like xxxchurch.com, and humantrafficking.org. In May 2007, “Constance” was featured on CBS Evening News in a expose’ on internet pornography.

Here are the lyrics...

1st verse:
An old man vacationing, he stands patiently
under a hotel sign that blinks vacancy
he's thinking maybe he's to late to make the drop off
till a truck coming his way breaks and stops short
and now he's out of sorts and you can see he's sorta nervous
walking to the passenger door to meet his ordered service
this is someones daughter working, blames his conscience
when the driver says "she's my youngest, her name is Constance"
he comments "and its only 6 dollars per visit
just dont leave any marks on her, it hurts business"
thought for a minute and he confessed "that's fair"
since it was three dollars less then his cab fair
"how old are you honey?" she says "im thirteen"
her nose was runny, its raining in the Philippines
he handed over the money in a chilling scene
the truck drives off and now he's on the hunt to kill her dreams
the sign reads no vacancy, he leads Constance to a room
he has rented for taping see,
he's about to turn six into six thousand
and all you have to do is click on your web browser
its not illegal to use raping as a cash crop
as long as it says she's 18 on your laptop
the sound of rain is her backdrop laying there
like she's waiting for somebody to say they care
while the tears of God fall down the window pain
she feels unholy like her Father doesnt know her name
Mary Magdalene and the Woman At The Well
He knows everything that happened and in His arms she fell.

repeat x2
in his arms she fell
will you stay with me

2nd verse:
He's 21 and all alone in his household
he's tempted by the quiet he feels and the mouse he holds
the silence of his spouse is cold
so he's about to help that man get his six thousand gold
one click and now she's sold
withholding his conscience scrolling through the comments
there she is looking confident a picture of Constance
in a series of video clips, "adult content"
the title blinks in bold letters like the vacancy sign
its his time to go get her
its like his mind doesnt know better
her soul is crying out "let me go" but he wont let her
he got her trapped inside his media player
held captive by his need to replay her
its a matter of he being here and she being there
that's why he doesnt feel the need to care
guilt is in the seed he bares
spilling his shares of the profit
on a 500 million dollar market
where children are regarded as product
and traded like stock tips
and raped for the sake of our pockets
his lap top sits like a window into Constance room
where he exits coz its almost noon
and he's expecting his wife home soon
with new clothes for the baby
she'd be angry if she saw his new lady
a thirteen year old Filipino named Constance
trust me girl God has not forgotten
He knew Mary Magdalene and the Woman at the Well
He knows everything that happened and in His arms she fell

repeat x2
in his arms she fell
will you stay with me


Eric Jessen said...

I love this video, Julia. Thanks so much (I think I say that every time I post here) for keeping this front and center. I wish this is the kind of art we spent more time reflecting on and making as Christians. I think a lot of time we make art that is fun to make or self-focused, which, while not in and of itself a bad thing, keeps us from growing as God's children so that our concerns leave ourselves and onto those who need so much more than we do...especially those who we can help simply with our day-to-day decisions.

ben said...

wow. thanks for sharing. i'm now a fan...

be seeing you in a week or so, right? have fun in korea...