He'll Probably keep going

This is a poem that was written by a Fuller student about the tragedy of the realities of human trafficking after watching the documentary “Call + Response” Please read this words below:

This poem was inspired by the documentary, "Call and Response." As an artist I understand that my gift is for the sake of the freedom of others. While I stand frustrated at the reality that I may not be there to PHYSICALLY free those who are oppressed, I remain thankful that I may set free the mind and spirit of the person who does. Cornel West exclaims that "justice is what love looks like in public", may this poem be but a small expression to the millions who have yet to see love in this form or in any form. May this poem serve as a small way of me saying, I see you, and I wish to love you publicly, and do you justice.

He’ll Probably keep going
By Mark Anthony Chase

She was a slave to his freedom
As he penetrated her purity
Virtually oblivous to the bleeding
And somehow her screaming
Gets lost in translation
And sounds something like, "touch me baby",
But how could he touch her she's just a baby
As tears touch testosterone
Innonence Ignites Erections
There's Something Sadistically Sinful
At this intersection
Where Powerful Meets Powerless
And More or less showers it with indifference,
The Bodies are so close but the souls remain distant-
See, if he could see
More than Flesh
More than Lips
More than under Developed Breasts,
And Could actually see the pain as it pumps beneath her chest...................
He would probably Keep Going, Knowing
That for his moment spent in the erotic
She was spiraling towards the irreconcilably chaotic
He would probably keep going, Knowing
That no language could articulate the pain that her womb felt
which literally had no room left to soften the atrocity
He would probaly keep going, knowing,
That no God, No Lord, No Ancestor Nor Ancient Spirit would approve,
of his desire to take and her inablity to choose,
He would probably keep going, Knowing,
That she would never be the same
And that HE, might forever BE, etched on the canvas of her MEMORY
as a permanent stain would he refrain ??? No he would remain
And probably keep going, Pushing and Sighing
Perfecting his domination
Losing Himself inside the vulnerablity of her childhood yes he would,
Probably Keep Going, Thrusting and Heaving
Her into a place of disbelieving
where dreams don't come true skies aren't blue and little girls don't get to dress up as princesses
but his consicience isn't as sensitive as the skin on his penis is so he keeps going,
knowing, that when it's over for him
it's just beginning for her
Begnning to hurt
The water, in her eyes, is beginning to blurr
Hatred, Despair, is beginning to stir
It's beginning again for her as he
is beginning to leave
and is replaced by another indifferent face and he.......
Probably won't stop either....
But neither will I
And rest assured one day our destinies will collide
Where inspiration and action are alive
Where the passion of the people reside
And one day he'll begin
And someone will take her side,
And He'll probably try to run,
But he'll have nowhere to hide,

And inside that little girls heart
Is a dream that just came true, a sky that still is blue,
And someone to free her and tell her........ she really is a princess


Robin said...

WOW. This was amazing. I would love to hear it.

Jeffery said...

I thought I'd pass this on to you, because it seems to be an area of interest to you.


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thanks for the article!