What is Leadership?

Leadership is easily stomped upon. Unless you are strong enough to take initiative and push someone else out of the way, you won't ever lead or get a voice. Leadership is about walking the line. When to lead - when to follow. When can I speak up to authority and when do I simply need to keep quiet and submit? Leadership is about being frustrated and not alwyas agreeing - but laying your own ideas aside. How do you step up and take leadership when one seems to have a tight grasp on it? There is a difference between what you say and how you act. Many leaders say: "Come, lead with me, do as you want" but then they seem to have such a monoply on it. They get so defensive and frustrated. They SAY they are not mad but then everything they do screams that. Leaders need to make sure their actions and words line up - otherwise confusion and frustration results. Leaders are often wrong and they need to own up to that rather than getting defensive and making excuses.

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