Children are God’s finest creation, I believe. When we grow up I don’t quite understand what happens. We loose the wonder, the adventure and the innocence you see in so many children. Sure, children can a lot of times be little runts that drive you crazy and seem to never listen to a word you say – but have you ever been with a child in a new situation. What we take for granted and see as mundane, a child sees as a chance to explore and sit in wonder.
I have been flying a lot lately and have been able to see many children in situations new for them. Two children still in the ticketing counter area discovered an escalator for the first time. Nothing new, still the same steps moving as always, but these children saw the wonder. They were FILLED with questions. As the first little boy approached you could see the wheels turning in his head. He wanted to go down them and explore them with a closer view – but his mom would not let him. And so he stood obediently at the side just starring at the moving contraption.
His sister joins him, she’s a couple years older, and she begins to ask questions. Where does it go? What is it for? What does that big red button on the side do? Grandma was patient in answering all her questions.
Then it was fun to see them stand before it – wishing to go down and take a ride – but falling into obedience of their mother. Older sister would periodically put her hand out to be sure her brother did not cross the line and get into danger.
I guess escalators just aren’t that exciting to me – but it is always a gift to be able to see them with fresh eyes. MOVING STAIRS…seriously, that’s a strange thing. But I allow the mundane of life to sweep over me. I want to see the adventure.

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