Selling Sex?...that's easy!

Some really great thoughts on selling sex, the demand, and how we’re all guilty of feeding the demand from one of Fuller Seminary’s Professors J.R. Daniel Kirk.

I’m struck afresh by the message that the Church has been sending in the latest wave of our culture wars. We are acting as though the most egregious thing a man can do sexually is to desire and have sex with another man.

While all the time there is this multi-billion dollar sex industry, representing one of the gravest human slavery industries in the modern world, being driven, mostly, by men’s insatiable desire for women.
If only we could redirect our righteous indignation here, against the objectification of women that runs right through the middle of not only the dark alleys but our own living rooms. If only we could agree that the selling of women for sex is degradation and exploitation–and see, also, how we’re all complicit.

Read the rest of his excellent blog post HERE.

There are few things I could add to this commentary to make it better. Dr Kirk says what I have been wanting to add to tie this conversation together. Read his blog - make lots of thoughtful comments over there - but most off all think broadly about this topic and conversation. Sexuality is such a hot topic right now, but we have siloed what portions of sexuality and which scriptures on sexuality we deem relevant.

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