Picture 95: how to know a bad driver

I was behind this car during my commute to work this morning. sorry for the bad picture - it was taken in a hurry through my windshield (i THINK i might need a car wash soon....) do you want to know how you can tell a bad driver in LA (and really, i assume, anywhere)? the ones with friendly messages on their car asking you to please stop harassing them when they are driving. they ask because they are the drivers that constantly get honked at or tailgated or yelled at or cut off. but the problem is - they deserve it. so when we see these friendly signs on the back of cars - we don't know whether to preemptively make angry gestures at them just to get it over with or let them prove themselves first.

obviously, i am not talking about myself. i am a PERFECT driver and never display anything resembling road rage.  but for the record...we are NOT all in this together. because if everyone in LA drove like me - the freeways would run much smoother :)

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