I have an iPhone.
I am on a family plan with the wonderful and amazing Maines family.
The wonderful and amazing Maines family has moved to Japan.
Due to some difficulties - they have had to suspend their cell phone service.
Thus...I must now become a full grown adult and get my own cell phone plan.

I walk into a local AT&T store to switch my cell phone plan. The guy is really nice at first, asking me for my phone number to pull up my plan.
Once I explain the situation be proceeds to tell me that there are three authorized people on the account that can make changes and I am not one of them (ONE of them, might I add, is not even apart of the family plan and does not have a cell phone that is a part of this plan, I digress....)
BECAUSE I am not an authorized person on the account I can't start my own cell phone plan.
I have a cell phone in my hand.
I am standing there in person.
Because my name is not JEANETTE, I can't start me own plan.
Is anyone else frustrated yet?
I told the man that she lives in Japan and it would be really hard for her to call customer service, but they would not do anything for me.
The only exception they could make would be allowing me to break contact and start my own plan, WITH A NEW PHONE NUMBER. I've had that number since I was 16...I am not about to change it now (although that would really help me out with some of those bad decisions I made when some of those salsa guys asked me for my number.....I digress again)
So now I am waiting. To be authorized. So I can switch to my own plan.

AT&T....why do you make it so hard to like you???

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