Rape Condom

I know this story came out a few days ago, but I've been busy wrapping things up at work before heading off to MEXICO for six weeks!

At any rate, I thought it was worth some discussion. The rape condom. Have you seen the article about it yet? If not, take a second a read about it here on CNN. com.

My first reaction is - amazing! It is difficult to express with words the kind of anger and helplessness you feel when you speak to women and children who are victims of trafficking, sexual violence, exploitation and sexual slavery. Any little bit of power or dignity you can empower them with is exhilarating.

I realize that there are a million things that are wrong or could potentially go wrong with a device like this, but all I can think about is the liberation this could give a woman that has to live in constant fear. The little dignity and ability to hold your head high knowing that you cannot be as easily taken advantage of.

Obviously one of the downsides is the fact that the device has to be worn at all times. But I think the even bigger issue is that we have females in the world today that can totally and completely take advantage of this product. They live in such fear and reality of rape that wearing one of these all of the time is the actuality of their situation.

Another downfall I see is the ineffectiveness of this product in situations of gang rape. Rape happens more and more often in gang and group settings. While this product will fend off the first male to enter, it will only arouse or anger the other men that are present at this ritualistic beating.

Cost will also hinder the effectiveness of this product. It is being handed out for free right now, but when the cost becomes $2/condom those who truly need it will not be able to afford it.

Lastly (for now), this only helps a select group of women. And, frankly, doesn't get to the root of the problem. I am not complaining, I am thankful for what it does do - I am simply saying we have a long way to go and a big fight ahead of us. The demand is great, that's what we need to tackle.

Until the last lock breaks....

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