Doctors without boarders

42 million people around the world have been uprooted by war. They are children, women, and men living in temporary shelters, camps, or shanty towns, struggling to survive in new and often hostile environments. Those who have sought refuge in another country are refugees, a status which entitles them to certain rights under international law.

Those who are seeking refuge within their own countries are officially called internally displaced persons (IDPs). They have fewer rights than refugees, yet make up almost two-thirds of the people around the world today who are seeking safety from armed conflict and violence.

Doctors Without Borders is bringing an exhibit to expose this harsh reality. Aid workers act as guides , asking you to imagine that you are among the millions of people seeking safety from violence or persecution around the world, from Sudan to Columbia, from Iraq to Chad, form Somalia to the Democratic Republic of Congo. They describe the challenges of delivering medical care to people affected by armed conflict. Tour takes around 45 minutes.

San Francisco: October 15 - 19
Little Marina Greek Park

Los Angeles: October 22 - 27
Griffith Park

Santa Monica: October 31 - November 2
Santa Monica Pier
San Diego: November 6 – 9
Balboa Park

Exhibit Hours:
9:00am – 5:30pm
FREE and open to the public

If you are in the area – go!

Check out the promotional video here.
And find more information about the project and exhibition here.

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