Sometimes I don't feel like I'm the person I should be.

Sometimes my mistakes scream so much louder than the rest of my life.

Sometimes I stop for a moment of rest, but come to realize that to continue the journey in any direction is too difficult.

Sometimes it would be easier to go through life without thinking.

When these words come from my mouth, you may feel like telling me everything is fine, you may want to point out the path I should take

Well, thanks, but I'm lost,

Wandering with me is all you need to do.



Robin said...

I could have saved a billion dollars and a few years if I would have read that sooner. But then I would have missed out on this journey. That's the best counseling advice I've ever heard.

wanderingellimac said...

I know, right? I am rarely looking for answers. That J.Marrs is one wise man. I have always loved this poem and keep it close with me all the time :)

Douglas said...

thanks for this one.