Tiny Stars

Tiny Stars is one of the most amazing organizations I think I have every heard of. Jake Collins is such a dreamer and visionary – it has been fun to see what God has done through his dreams and hard work. If you have not heard of this organization before, let me tell you a bit more.
Tiny Stars is a non-government agency dedicated to exposing and stopping commercial sexual exploitation of children by working with federal law enforcement to capture American child predators.
As many of you know, our law enforcement is a busy group of people. Just ask my good friends the Haub’s or my friend Kimberly who live in South Central L.A – they can tell you that even the problems and issues there don’t receive enough attention – the law enforcement is stretched so thin. So trying to get a group of people dedicated solely to following, gathering evidence, and prosecuting child predators both here and overseas is seen as a somewhat ridiculous request. That is where Tiny Stars comes in.
Through Tiny Stars you can financially support the work of a secret agent that will do the footwork of gathering evidence on child predators, which will then be turned over to the FBI for prosecution under the Protection Act of 2003.
I can’t say enough about this organization. There are several options for giving. You can “adopt” an agent as a group or even as an individual. By doing this you will receive updates monthly on the work your agent is doing and the progress that is being made as well as a report once the case is turned over to the FBI. You can also just give individual donations to help support the work agents on the field are doing.
For more information about Tiny Stars go here.

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