The Great Need

Scotty Brown - the founder of Peak Performance, 212 Degrees, had some great thoughts on Nepal and the great need there - I thought they were worth sharing with you all. He just spent the month of January in Nepal. Part of the time was with Peak Performance taking a group of students trekking in the Annapurna Region of the Himalayans. After the team left he wrapped up for a bit on his own.

He says,
"This past week i went to a couple homes of the kids i have been working with here in the streets at night. Some are begging for food, rice for their family and some just want to see if they can get you to buy them a candy bar. But two in particular are begging to have someone pay for them to go to school!! So i have gone and met with the families of these kids only to find that they both live in houses that are maybe 12×12 with 6 kids and one parent. Both families are without dads. One died of a heart attack, the other had a drinking problem and ran away with another woman. Neither mom has any sort of education and cannot afford to send all the kids to school on the money that she makes doing laundry by hand for a local hotel. i brought them enough rice for several weeks and will meet with the principal of the school to see about paying the $15 a month it would take to get them through this next semester. My struggle comes with the fact that once again i find myself meeting a need, but doing very little to eliminate a need. How can i effectively share the love of Jesus Christ and the hope that i know comes from having a relationship with Him to someone who cannot even afford enough rice to feed her children. i do believe that i was the hands of Jesus when i came and left the rice with them family, and i could tell from the smiles and the conversations with the mothers each day that i came that they were appreciative. i just hope beyond hope that they know that Jesus wants to give them so much more. This is the story of soooo many kids. i guess i am working through some of my own “guilt” and need to remind myself of the same truth that i shared with my team. God will complete what we can’t, He knew i was leaving and is bigger than me. He will continue to do the work here in Nepal long after i am gone."

Powerful words - and very true ones. Sometimes the need seems so great - and we feel powerless to do anything about it. Thanks for the encouragement, Scotty. And thanks for introducing me to Nepal and growing the passion in my heart that I have for it. I Love You.