Weep with Me

a poem by kristin keen
about nepal and india's sexually exploited girls
i could not have put it into words that more beautifully expressed what my heart feels.


come and see, LORD.
come and weep with me.

come and see their faces
painted with cheap make-up.
see the tenderness in their worn-out eyes.

weep with me
over torn flesh
and broken hearts.

weep with me, Jesus
over girls trapped by fear.

weep with me for the mothers
who have lost their daughters.

weep with me over your princesses
who are treated like whores.

weep with me
so that i know You are with them.

weep with me
so that i know their suffering isn't forgotten.

weep with me
because when You weep, it gives me hope.

Your tears bring the safe places
where the suffering of the world can reside.

Your tears give me and the girls a place to put
our doubt,
our rage,
our isolation,
our fears.

come and see, Jesus.
come and weep with me.


Josh Modrzynski said...

This poem is amazing. It is not just hope for the girls and writer of the poem, but for anyone who longs to come to an answer for the terrible life these women live. I am encouraged to pray and long fervently with God to intercede. Thanks for throwing this on up Julia.


wanderingellimac said...

thanks, josh. thanks for your prayers and your tender heart. always good to hear from you!