Alone in a Crowd

What makes some experiences so difficult?
Why can we be surrounded by so many people that we have relationships with yet feel so alone?
I was at a party with a group of people and I could not help but observe the many masks individuals were wearing. We all simply strive to make others like us and do what we can to succeed in a dog eat dog world.
I can't help but think of Christ's consistency. There was must conflict that arose within and around his life but that did not alter the way he lived his life. Although he was constantly and closely watched, he did what he knew was right and what fit what was in his heart to do. Perhaps it was because he knew the truth - knew that what happened here on earth ultimately did not matter.
But shouldn't that be the same for us who profess ourselves to be Christian? Don't we claim to have the truth. Claim that this world is only but a brief stop before our eternity in Heaven? Why then do we consume ourselves with success and the favor of others. If we know that these will not last why do they rate so highly in our priorities?
Perhaps we don't really believe that truth.

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